Razer suspends 'Paid to Play' rewards over negative feedback

You can still earn zSilver, just not from playing games anymore.

Last March, Razer put forth a way to earn points that could be redeemed for the company's peripherals like keyboards and mice. All you needed to do was to launch games via Razer's Cortex desktop software and play up to five hours of eligible games each day. Unfortunately, this "Paid to Play" initiative is now at an end, at least temporarily. Razer will suspend the program beginning on March 1, based on what the company calls negative feedback from the community.

It's unclear what specific complaints Razer is responding to, though one forum member hints that people were re-selling gear earned with the virtual zSilver currency on Ebay.

The virtual currency itself isn't going away, though. You can still earn zSilver if you grab Razer gear using zGold (another virtual currency that you buy with real money), actively contribute on Razer Insider, log in daily on Razer Cortex, sync your Steam account with Cortex: Deals and subscribe to the deals newsletters. The suspension of the Paid to Play program may continue indefinitely if the company cannot "develop ways to make it rewarding and beneficial for all," wrote the Razer forum administrator.