3Doodler's new kits help kids make robotic bugs and dinosaurs

Cute desserts, costume masks and eyeglasses, as well.

3Doodler's safer, cuter 3D-printing pen for kids called Start can already bring their imagination to life. But these new sets can help them get used to drawing objects if they're just starting out and take their creations to the next level. The company has launched new Start sets at Toy Fair 2018, including a collaboration with insect robot-maker HexBug. It comes with Doodlemolds in the shape of bugs' legs and bodies, as well as motorized parts, so kids can build actual moving critters and race their friends. 3Doodler says the kit can help teach kids physics, engineering and structural principles, since they'll have to make sure the bug they designed can actually move.

3Doodler has also introduced a series of STEM activity kits outside its partnership with HexaBug, though these ones don't have a pen included. One can help kids build detailed robotic dinosaurs, while the Science and Engineering kit can give life to scientific instruments and complex structures. The last one in the series is the Make Your Own Figurine kit, and kids can use it to build figures to go with their robot dinosaurs, bugs and 3D-printed miniature roller coasters.

In addition to all those, 3Doodler is also releasing new Doodlemolds to help kids make 3D-printed desserts, key rings, costume masks and eyeglasses. The Hexbug kit will come out in May for $60, along with the STEM Series sets, which will be priced between $20 and $30. Those only interested in the Doodlemolds will only have to set aside $15 for a set when they become available in the spring.