Google's Indian mobile money app can pay bills in a few taps

Tez can take care of many bills in a matter of seconds.

Manually paying your bills online usually involves jumping between multiple apps or websites, but Google might have an easier way. Its Tez mobile money app for India now includes a bill payment feature that lets you handle all those recurring costs in one place. You can add from a list of 80-plus companies (including utilities and telecoms) and pay directly from your bank account with a few taps. You get notifications when bills pop up, so you shouldn't forget about a bill until it's too late.

There isn't quite a burning need to export this feature to other countries when Google's search app can already remind you to pay bills. Even so, it's hard not to wish this was available beyond India's borders. Unless you're the sort who relies entirely on auto-pay and doesn't bother to check the cost, this could give you an easy way to deal with bills while knowing exactly how much you owe at any given moment.