Microsoft's Mixer lets viewers buy games straight from livestreams

And streamers get a cut from each purchase.

A few weeks ago, Microsoft outlined new plans for its Mixer streaming service, including Direct Purchases. The feature would enable viewers to buy whatever game (or DLC) they're watching direct from the company's store, which would then give streamers a cut of the revenue. Today, that goes live, making it easier for players to get content -- and ensure they're buying straight from Microsoft.

Direct Purchases should indeed make it easier to acquire the content users are watching -- just click on the stream and a window will pop up to buy the matching game or DLC, no switching to a separate storefront necessary. Nor do you need to fiddle with codes or tokens; Once bought, content sits in a user's Windows 10 or Xbox library, waiting to be downloaded.

Buying directly from a streamer (they have to be a Mixer partner) gives them a 5 percent cut of the purchase price, which is a nice feedback loop for viewers to give back to their favorite channels. And it makes things easier on the broadcaster's end: aside from choosing what version (base, collector's edition, etc) or extra content (DLC, cosmetic packs, etc) they want the in-stream shop window to promote, content creators don't have to remember to drop the right links in the video description or mention them mid-stream.

Obviously, Microsoft makes out by funneling viewers toward their own shop, but at least it's a convenience for consumers. Plus, Direct Purchase is available for all 5,000-plus games in the Microsoft Store,including Xbox, Windows 10 & Xbox Play Anywhere games and DLC. Streamers have to activate the feature for each stream, but there are plenty of incentives (including promotional options) that should make it a no-brainer to switch it on.