PlayStation profiles are now available on the web

There isn't much to do, but hey, now there's an easy way to share trophies.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment
Sony Interactive Entertainment

PlayStation is putting your user profile on the web. Head over to the PlayStation website today and you'll find a new tab in the upper right corner that says "My PlayStation." Click it and you'll see what looks like a classic Facebook profile page. Your photo is in the upper left, along with your trophy collection, friends list and who's online. You can also compare your trophy progress/collection against friends. Basically, it takes a lot of the functionality you'd need to turn your PS4 on or open a mobile app to get and puts it in your browser. There's a lot of empty white space, but compared to's overwhelmingly cluttered dashboard -- the US PS Blog isn't much better -- the minimalism is appreciated. It feels a little too barren at this point, though.

There are still a few kinks. For example, your custom header image mirrors that of what's on your PS4 profile. So, if you haven't set one, it'll stay the default blue. More than that, it looks like the only way to set a header image is from your console -- not the web. Also, under the "edit profile" tab, there wasn't a way to save any changes I made, like adding my middle initial to my name. It'd be nice to see what PS4 communities you're a part of reflected on the web as well. It's still early days and Sony promises to keep adding features, so these niggles could be ironed out soon.

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