Facebook expands customer service tools in Messenger

The company is adding contact info to quick replies and an easier setup for its messaging platform.

Google isn't the only one looking to improve messaging software to help businesses connect meaningfully (and profitably) with customers. Facebook just announced a new update to its own Messenger platform, which improves quick replies, expands on customer chat plugins and better customization tools.

Quick replies have been available on Messenger since 2016, but the new update adds the ability for businesses to get contact info via one of these easy response buttons. When a company asks for contact info, a quick reply button will appear with the email or phone number associated with your Facebook account. If you have more than one address or number, you'll get to choose which one to send along.

Businesses can already customize their greeting text and color on Messenger via the customer chat plugin, but now have even more options. There's a new setup tool to help businesses get up and running quicker than before, a new notifications system for customers to see when there's a message from a business waiting and a persistent menu that can show up directly in Messenger. Facebook even added support for Internet Explorer so that customers who use that browser can have all of these features, too.

In addition, companies can now see how many new or open conversations there are between their Page and people using Messenger. There are also new message tags to help companies know how to respond to customers.