Visit the British Library’s ‘Harry Potter’ exhibit from your sofa

Thanks to the Google Arts & Culture app, 'A History of Magic' comes home.

Assuming your Hogwarts letter got lost in the mail (it happens from time to time) and you still want a peek at The Boy Who Lived's coursework, Google has you covered. The search juggernaut has digitized the British Library's "Harry Potter: A History of Magic" exhibit and tossed it on the Google Arts & Culture mobile-and-web app.

You can take a 360-degree tour of the Divination room, peep author JK Rowling's original sketch for Hogwarts' layout, peruse Rowling's inspirations for Herbology class and a whole lot more. The original exhibition in London sold out extremely quickly, which inspired Google to put it online for all to see. Mountain View writes that "hundreds of the exhibition's treasures" and some 15 exhibitions are now available to check out any time you want, via your smartphone.

"We've used medieval manuscripts, precious printed books and Chinese oracle bones to explore magical traditions, from the making of potions, to the harvesting of poisonous plants, and from the study of the night sky to the uses of unicorns," a blog post reads. The exhibit closes tomorrow, so this might be your only chance of exploring this window into the wizarding world.

The app is available in half a dozen languages right now including English, French, German and Spanish with more to come. No word yet on when Parseltongue will be added, though.