Facebook's job listings are now available in over 40 countries

Apply for the position you want without going to a job site.

Facebook's job listings have been available in the US and Canada for a while, but now they're expanding in a big way. The feature will be available in over 40 countries in the next few weeks, including the UK, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Brazil. As before, the allure is finding and applying for positions from Facebook's mobile app or website, rather than having to visit a dedicated job service. Companies can even chat with you through Messenger if they're interested in your skills.

Product Manager Gaurav Dosi told Engadget that he expects the service to translate well to other countries (many people need jobs, after all). That's particularly true given the mobile integration. Many would-be workers in some countries don't have a home PC for their job hunts, so this gives them a readily available way to find openings.

This is both about giving companies a better solution than informal listings and, to a degree, reducing the need to wander to sites like LinkedIn. It not only keeps you visiting Facebook for longer (and thus viewing more ads), it encourages companies to maintain official presences. Not that there's much room to complain -- this could help companies fill positions faster than usual, and might just help you land a dream job.