Walmart is making its own meal kits in some stores

It's not relying on outside help this time around.

Walmart isn't content to sell third-party meal kits in its bid to take on Amazon and Blue Apron. It's launching its own line of kits that will give you a meal for two without hunting down and preparing ingredients. The kits cost between $8 and $15, and range from one-step-and-you're-done offerings like a pot roast (above) to more flexible pre-portioned kits like steak Dijon.

The kits are available right now in 250 stores. They'll be available in over 2,000 stores by the end of 2018, and you'll have the option of grabbing them through the company's Online Grocery Pickup service.

These aren't quite the same as the kits you tend to get through the likes of Blue Apron, which tend to involve more preparation and more original creations. However, there's no question about Walmart's intentions: it's hoping you'll grab its kits on the way home rather than subscribe to an internet delivery service. You might have to go out of your way, but you also don't have to base your meal plans around a fixed schedule.