Apple will stop accepting iTunes LP submissions this month

The ones already in the iTunes Store or your library will continue to work just fine.

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Rob LeFebvre
March 6th, 2018

Back in 2009, iTunes 9 offered a way for artists and labels to pack in extra album material like art, videos and bonus tracks. Earlier on Tuesday morning, Metro found a leaked Apple document that spelled doom for the bundled extras. The Verge later confirmed that Apple would, indeed, stop taking new iTunes LP submissions as of this month.

The Verge reports that while there will be no more submissions accepted, existing ones that you've bought will still work as always. Any iTunes LPs that are currently in the iTunes Store will similarly continue to be available. As noted by The Verge, these have never been a huge part of Apple's music strategy, so it makes sense that they'd phase it out sooner or later.

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