Honda's Urban EV pre-orders start in early 2019

In Europe, at least.

Honda said it wanted to sell its Urban EV Concept sometime in 2019, and now it's official. The automaker has announced that it will start taking orders for a production version of the tiny retro electric car in early 2019, with a European launch in late 2019. There's no mention of launches in other areas, or an official version of the Sports EV Concept.

Don't expect to get the exact vehicle you saw in September 2017. While the cheerful-looking design is likely to remain largely intact, the Urban EV was a concept car -- Honda is likely to scale back a lot of the technology as the practical realities of manufacturing take over. You probably won't get the cute external displays or the ultra-wide touchscreen. We'd also expect Honda to tone down certain flourishes, like the square-like steering wheel and wooden dash. Still, it's notable that Honda is making the Urban EV in the first place -- you won't have to give up that iconic look just to drive an emissions-free Honda machine.