'Luke Cage' season two premieres June 22nd

The Netflix superhero series promises to blur the lines.

Jessica Jones isn't the only streaming Marvel show getting a long due follow-up. Netflix has posted a teaser clip confirming that Luke Cage's second season will premiere on June 22nd. The video itself doesn't reveal much about the story, but it's evident from the description that the stakes have changed. Cage is now a hero, but that makes him a bigger target -- and a "formidable new foe" will make him deal with the "fine line" between a champion and the villains he's supposed to be fighting.

Marvel's Netflix programming has produced mixed results, but Luke Cage has generally earned a warm reception for both the strength of key actors (most namely Mike Colter in the titular role) and a storyline that's as much about Harlem and its challenges as it is the usual superhero fight scenes. The question is whether or not Netflix can maintain those strengths while expanding beyond familiar territory.