Samsung's massive 'The Wall' TV will be available in August

Start saving now.

At a Samsung TV event this morning, the company announced that their massive 146-inch 4K TV made of MicroLED panels, aptly named 'The Wall,' will be available for consumers to buy this August. While the electronics titan didn't release a price, it'll likely be significant, so start saving now.

When we first got a look at The Wall during CES 2018, two things were clear: The huge TV is a scaled-down version of their previous 34-foot 4K screen aimed at the home market, and that its rich, bright colors still came off looking like other OLED sets. Which is surprising given that Samsung chose to skip that tech for MicroLED to avoid OLED's downsides like burn-in and shorter lifespans. Stay tuned for future announcements about The Walls price and availability.