Immerse yourself in ‘Ready Player One’ with HTC's VR experiences

Half a dozen adventures will visit 'VR Arcades' across the US before becoming downloadable.

The upcoming Spielberg-directed nostalgia orgy Ready Player One depicts a run-down future where the only escape is diving into a fully immersive cyberspace. Soon, you'll be able to visit that digital world, too, when HTC's Vive Studios releases a slew of VR experiences created by a variety of developers. They'll be available to download later in March, but first they'll come to events and 'VR Arcades' across the US -- including at South By Southwest.

The series of experiences are pretty diverse, from an avatar creator to player-vs-AI horde mode games to several 3D reboots of old 80s classics (including Gauntlet and a faux-Breakout). One of them recreates Ready Player One's zero-gravity dance club scene in virtual reality, with 80s music and custom avatars -- and if you're at SXSW, you can experience it there with a live in-VR DJ set by the film's star Tye Sheridan.