YouTube TV will soon include MLB’s streaming service

It'll eventually join the MLB Network, which is on YouTube TV now.

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Baseball fans looking for a way out of cable TV's clutches might finally have their answer: is coming to YouTube TV. MLB and YouTube are expanding the partnership that began in 2017 to include a bunch of sponsorship extras, which largely just means a load more promotional activity before and during games, but the deal also includes bringing the MLB Network to YouTube TV from today, and getting on board in the near future.

Launch details are vague -- no timeline has been given -- but we do know that it will involve an additional fee. Currently, costs an eye-watering $90 a year for a single-team or $116 a year/$25 a month for all teams, so if it can rival these prices it could definitely stand a chance of drawing fans away from cable. Still, it may well be the case that both parties are waiting to see how the MLB Network performs before making hard and fast commitments about, but it's a win for YouTube TV's baseball fans regardless.

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