Oura’s second-generation ring is a better fit for your finger

It actually looks like a ring, for a start.

The first generation of Oura's smart ring was little more than a proof of concept, showing it was possible to put a fitness tracker on a finger. But you can understand why folks might have thought twice about wearing one of the massive pieces of jewelry. Inconspicuousness is the watchword for the second generation of the device, which at least does look like an actual ring.

Much like rival Motiv, the new Oura ring looks more like a reject from the Diesel catalog than a sophisticated activity tracker. The company has been able to utilize smaller, more customized components to get the new, ring-like shape. Even better, is that the battery now runs for seven days, up from the two-to-three available on the original.

Other changes include a new gyroscope that is designed to deliver better activity tracking, even though the company admits that this won't necessarily replace your Fitbit. The whole point of it is to help you get healthier by better understanding your circadian rhythms and sleep cycle.

Charging the Oura is now significantly more elegant, since you no longer have to do anything involving a micro-USB port. Instead, you can just drop the band onto the bundled inductive charging plate at the end of each week and wait 80 minutes before putting it back on.

Old vs. new

Durability-wise, the device is clad in titanium with a scratch-resistant, diamond-like carbon coating. It is available in three different styles: a plain band, one with a slight point sculpted at one "end," and a megabucks diamond-encrusted version.

The first two editions come in a variety of colors, including rose gold, matte black and silver, while the latter comes with a line of five 0.005 ct diamonds. The former pair will set you back $299, while the diamond version will be priced at $999, obviously. Whatever style you pick, however, you won't be waiting long for them to arrive, since the company claims they'll ship this April.