YouTube extends its 'Dark Theme' to iOS

What started as a hidden trick became a "top requested" mobile feature.

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Steve Dent
March 13, 2018 4:00 PM
Engadget/Steve Dent
Engadget/Steve Dent

Sometimes the best features come when tech companies let their programmers and designers play around a bit. That's certainly the case with YouTube's "Dark theme," which arrives today on the iOS version of the app. (The darker theme will come to Android "soon.") The feature, which is already available on desktop, lets you change the regular bright white theme to a more cinematic, black and grey look. YouTube says Dark theme was one of the "top requested features on mobile."

Until recently, you had to jump through hoops to access the feature on desktop via the developer mode. On desktop and mobile, things are a lot simpler now. To access it, you simply head to your account icon, hitting settings, and look for a setting called "Dark theme." You can then toggle it on or off, as shown in the GIF below. The feature is rolling out today, but as usual, it might not hit your neck of the woods right away.

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