Overcast adds a smarter way to dive back into a podcast

Smart Resume will make sure you aren't lost when you hit 'play.'

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Jon Fingas
March 14, 2018 9:05 PM
Jon Fingas/Engadget
Jon Fingas/Engadget

Marco Arment's Overcast has a reputation as the podcast connoisseur's iOS app of choice thanks to its inclusion of features you don't even find in Apple's official client, such as the automatic removal of dead air. That trend is continuing with the newly released Overcast 4.1, whose improvements might be extra-helpful if you find yourself lost whenever you return to a podcast. The new version adds a Smart Resume feature that not only skips back a few seconds when you hit play, but tweaks resumes and seeks so that they land on silences. You'll ideally remember the context of what was being said before you paused, and won't be as likely to resume playback in mid-sentence.

The update should also help if you're the sort who tends to revisit podcasts soon after you've listened to them, but not much longer than that. Overcast previously either deleted podcasts the moment you were finished, or kept them for posterity. Now, there's the option of holding on to podcasts for 24 hours before they're removed from your device. You can also subscribe to private feeds that might need a login, such as a Patreon creator's backers-only podcast. All told, you should have considerably more control over what you listen to and when.

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