Samsung's first 3D Cinema LED screen launches in Swiss theater

Visit Zurich if you want projection-free 3D movies on a big screen.

Want to watch 3D movies at the theater without the picture quality limitations that come with projectors? You'll want to plan a trip to Switzerland. Samsung's 34-foot 3D Cinema LED screen has premiered at Arena Cinemas' Silhcity theater in Zurich, promising moviegoers 3D without the usual drawbacks (and, hopefully, a few perks). It promises 10 times the peak brightness of projectors while retaining the full 4K resolution and consistent picture quality, avoiding the usual problems with dim, low-resolution 3D images that vary based on where you're sitting. HDR video support and JBL Professional audio help, too.

This first practical rollout also increases the chances that you'll get into the theater in the first place. Silhcity no longer needs a projector closet in the revamped theater, making room for more seats.

The question, of course, is whether or not these screens will see widespread adoption. Even the 2D-only Cinema LED screens are available in just three cities (Seoul, Busan and Shanghai). Samsung will have to convince theater operators that it's worth upgrading, and that may be a tough sell if they're already doing plenty of business with projectors. You may be more likely to see LED screens in brand new or revamped theaters where a new screen was always going to be in the cards.