'What The Golf?' is the perfect game for people who don't care about golf

You want to swing at some houses or a rag doll? Go for it.

Just when you thought we couldn't find any weirder games at GDC 2018, here comes another one. What The Golf?, created by Copenhagen-based developer Triband, is being billed as the perfect anti-golf adventure. That's due to the fact the title defies the sport's strict rules -- like a set number of holes and, um, using round balls -- in favor of silly, sometimes absurd mechanics that make it feel like anything but a game about golf. Instead of swinging at balls, here what you try to drive to the hole can be a house, a rag doll or (because why not) a cute horse.

At some point, you also get to a level where the golf course turns into a soccer (er, football) pitch. So, instead of trying to get a golf ball to the hole, you have to swing a soccer ball into a net. The game, naturally, gets harder as you progress. For example, with the soccer mini-game, you'll eventually have to face some defenders who are trying to take the ball from you and/or push your invisible self off a cliff. Most of the time, there aren't any golf clubs involved, which makes swinging in the game even more bizarre. I played the game on a PC with an Xbox One controller: left stick to aim, right trigger to shoot and/or swing the balls, houses, horses or whatever other items you may hit.

Triband, which so far has raised about $60,000 from crowdfunding site Fig to make What The Golf?, says it wants players to know that the game was made by people who know absolutely nothing about golf. And, frankly, that's what makes What The Golf? such a blast to play. It's just ridiculous. Another factor that helps is that the artwork and characters are so colorful, gorgeous and random, which make it that much better since you never know what to expect as you move from level to level.

What The Golf? is slated to arrive in Q2 2018 for PC, Mac, Linux and mobile devices. And let's hope it really does come to iOS and Android devices because the game has a great amount of potential to be a perfect (and fun) time killer.

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