What we saw at GDC 2018!

Plenty of indie games, Oculus Go, "Siren" and much, much more.

All good things must come to an end, and today we say goodbye to GDC 2018. As usual, the Game Developers Conference didn't disappoint. During our time here in San Francisco, we found a slew of indie titles that were incredibly fun to play and gorgeous to look at, including Black Future 88, Children of Morta and Guacamelee! 2. Oh and how can we forget Scissors the that than, the weird first-person action game that makes you use physical giant scissors as the controller. We also got to check out Oculus Go, the $200 standalone headset that's expected to launch in May -- it's sleek, lightweight and comfortable.

Then there was "Siren," a digital personality created by Epic Games, Vicon, Cubic Motion, 3Lateral and Tencent that blurs the line between CGI and reality. Thanks to a new real-time motion capture technology developed by these gaming firms, a human model had her body and finger movements captured and then live-streamed into an Unreal Engine environment. This tech, which will be licensed to interested parties, can have major implications not just in gaming, but also other industries like film, marketing and advertising.

GDC 2018 was a blast, so you know we're already looking forward to the 2019 edition of the show.

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