Live from Apple's 'education' keynote!

Expect a new iPad and possibly a new MacBook, too.

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Apple apparently has some news to share so it's holding a big keynote in sunny... Chicago? That's right, the company says it has some education-focused announcements in store and to mark the occasion, it chose a school in the Windy City as a backdrop. That means all of you, dear readers, best be setting your clocks to Central Time. I'll be reporting live from Chicago on Tuesday the 27th, joined by my colleague, senior editor (and prolific iDevice reviewer) Chris Velazco.

The rumor mill indicates we might see a new, inexpensive iPad, and maybe even a new laptop, but there's really only one way to know for sure: Follow along with our liveblog and stay tuned afterward for hands-on impressions, video and analysis (you know how we do). You'll want to bookmark this link and tune in at 10am CT (that's 11am Eastern and 8am Pacific -- woof). See you then!

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