Netflix orders King Arthur series from comic legend Frank Miller

'Cursed' would focus on the Lady of the Lake.

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Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for DC Entertainment
Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images for DC Entertainment

Netflix's fondness for comic book industry veterans isn't cooling off any time soon. The streaming giant has ordered Cursed, an Arthurian drama based on an impending novel co-authored by comic legend Frank Miller (of 300 and Sin City fame) and producer/screenwriter Tom Wheeler (no, not the former FCC chairman). The series flips the usual King Arthur story by focusing on Nimue, a teenage girl whose tragic heroism leads her to become the Lady of the Lake.

It's not certain when the initial 10-episode series will air, but the book (announced just the week prior) is due to hit shelves in fall 2019.

There's no guarantee of success just by having big names attached. The adaptations of Miller's 300 and Sin City went well, but the Miller-directed take on Will Eisner's The Spirit flopped at movie theaters. Still, it's a potentially powerful creative duo in charge, and it's hard not to wonder how well Miller's storytelling experience translates to a streaming-only production.

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