NVIDIA teams with Adobe to ensure AI editing runs smoothly

Harnessing powerful GPUs to improve cloud-based services.

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Lucy Nicholson / Reuters
Lucy Nicholson / Reuters

Adobe and NVIDIA are partnering up to power up the former's cloud-based AI endeavors with the latter's GPUs. Each new update for software in Adobe's suite leans more on its artificial intelligence toolkit Sensei to improve editing features, and it makes sense to tap NVIDIA's chips to ensure those run smoothly.

For instance, Adobe added Sensei to products like Lightroom last year and, in recent updates, implemented it to auto-edit photos. Optimizing Sensei for NVIDIA GPUs will ideally improve Adobe's service for Creative and Experience Cloud customers and developers, especially as the software company builds out its multi-platform cloud-hosted editing and storage features.

The partnership could also lead to new business opportunities for NVIDIA's ecosystem of developers, according to a press release. The pair could offer GPU-boosted versions of Adobe's services for creative mediums like mixed reality, next-gen rendering and 'other new immersive experiences.'

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