Sony cuts PSVR bundle prices worldwide

The entry-level bundle will now cost just $299 in the US.

Sony has announced that it is knocking a massive chunk from the price of its console-powered VR headsets. The new starting price for PlayStation VR will be $299 in the US, €299 in Europe, £259 in the UK and 34,980 Yen in Japan. That's down from $399, €399, £349 and 44,980 Yen, respectively, with bundles also falling by a similar figure. For instance, the Doom VFR package that was $400 in the US and $500 CAD in Canada is now $300 and $380 CAD but comes with the same accessories.

The base model will come with the headset and camera, as well as a download code for VR Worlds that will be included in the box. Apparently, those folks in Australia and New Zealand who are also in the market for a Sony headset will have to learn to delay their gratification a little longer. On that side of the globe, the price cuts don't take effect until April 2nd. Now, Sony hasn't said that the cuts are permanent, but it certainly looks as if the changes, which are similar to temporary cuts we saw in February, are a forever-type-of-deal.

At the same time, Sony has announced that the WipEout Omega Collection's PSVR update is rolling out today. The free update will enable the Omega Collection to be played entirely in VR, letting you tun the whole thing from inside the headset. Players will also get three VR-exclusive ships to pilot, as well as a 3D audio soundscape and a new remix of Shake It thrown in for good measure.

VR has yet to be the smash hit its backers need it to be, and one of the biggest obstacles to mass adoption is price. HTC has struggled to get the price of its high-end Vive down to a more affordable level, a problem for several other companies in the space. Oculus, however, is hoping that its $200 Oculus Go headset, that doesn't require a smartphone or connection to PC, will change things.

Go isn't even out yet, but a good defensive move on Sony's part is to make sure that people aren't holding out for rival hardware. Given the ubiquity of the PS4, it's a no-brainer that the company would do its best to make PSVR as affordable as possible. Although even after this cut, you'll still be forking out a pretty penny if you've yet to dip a toe into the virtual waters and need to get all the gear.

Update: Sony has confirmed that the price cuts are permanent.