Motiv's activity tracking ring now works with Android and Alexa

It's much easier to buy, too.

Motiv is making good on promises of widening support for its fitness tracking ring. To start, Android support is finally here in an early form. If you have one of a handful of phones (one of the Google Pixel series, the Galaxy S7 through S8+ and the Galaxy Note 5), you can download a beta version of Motiv's Android app to measure your activity with a relatively unintrusive band. The app should have more robust features by the end of the first half of 2018, but this will give you a taste if you want to try the Motiv Ring as soon as possible.

There's Alexa support, too. Activate the Motiv skill and you can ask about your heart rate and data syncing without having to lift a finger (ring or otherwise). Updates throughout 2018 should let you ask about sleep duration and other vital stats.

On top of all this, Motiv is making it easier to actually buy its signature device. You can now snap up the $199 ring through Amazon Marketplace, for one. And crucially, it now has a retail presence: visit a b8ta store in the US and you can get fitted for the Ring the same day you take it home. While that's not as accessible as a big-box retailer, it should eliminate the interval between fitting and shipping that might have kept you from purchasing the tracker in the past.