Louis Vuitton now sells a pricey tracker for your designer luggage

It can monitor your bag’s location in airports around the world.

Earlier this year, an FCC filing suggested Louis Vuitton was working on a luggage tracker that could pair with some of its bags. That device is now available. The Louis Vuitton Echo, as it's called, pairs with the luxury designer's Horizon luggage line and when inserted inside a dedicated elastic band, it can detect when the bag is opened. It's also powered by Sigfox's Monarch service, which lets devices like the Echo transmit data through a range of radio frequencies in airports around the world, meaning the tracker will work internationally.

The Louis Vuitton Echo is just over four inches long, under an inch wide and just over half an inch deep. You can see a full list of which airports support the Sigfox technology that powers the Echo here, and when luggage is within those airports, users can monitor where their bags are and see if they've been opened through the LV Pass app. The device has a six-month battery life and comes with three years of Sigfox service. However, the Louis Vuitton Echo is, naturally, a bit pricey. It costs $370 and is available now.