Command Nest's security system with Google Assistant

Lock down your home with your voice.

You'd think Nest's Secure alarm system would have worked with Google Assistant out of the box, but no -- you've had to arm it the old-fashioned way. Now, however, it's decidedly more convenient. Nest has quietly introduced Google Assistant support that allows voice control over Secure from a supporting device. You can arm the system whether you're home or away, check its status, or cancel it within seconds of making a mistake.

Not surprisingly, there are limits. You can't disarm the system with voice commands, and you can't arm it if it's set to require a passcode. You can't change security levels, either. These could be hassles, but it's clear that Nest would rather not risk an intruder getting in by shouting through an open window. This is mainly for arming Secure on your way out instead of a full replacement for your phone or the hub itself.