Use Echo speakers to send announcements around your home

Alexa will send messages through your household network of Echo devices.

Amazon keeps building out its Alexa ecosystem by adding more features and integrating products. But the platform has more potential than just allowing, say, your Fire tablets in on the voice control fun. But now Alexa has a new ability, Announcements, that lets customers speak into one Echo device and have the message barked out of all the other ones in a network. Basically, it gives your Alexa-connected house a one-way intercom feature.

Users simply say "Alexa, announce ____" and everything after that keyword will be audibly broadcast from every other linked Echo device. Sure, Google updated its Home devices with very similar functionality since November, but there are likely far more of Amazon's voice-controlled speakers in the wild. It's unclear if the feature will spread to other Alexa-compatible devices, but it's rolling out to customers in US and Canada today.