Amazon now delivers Whole Foods groceries to LA Prime members

Amazon is making it easier to buy your favorite organic food online.

Next time you need your favorite organic peanut butter, salmon fillet or coconut water right at that very moment, say a silent thanks to Amazon. The e-commerce giant's two-hour Whole Foods Market delivery is now available in Los Angeles, and for free -- but still only for Prime subscribers. If you're a member and live somewhere in greater Los Angeles or Orange County, you can take advantage of the free service by purchasing Whole Foods items from Prime Now's website or the Prime app for Android and iOS.

Whole Foods has a delivery service of its own, but you'd have to pay a fee for every order -- if you already pay for Prime membership anyway, Amazon's option is definitely the better deal. (In case you need your wood-fired pizza and almond milk within one hour instead of two, you can also shell out $8 to get them even more quickly.) The tech giant launched the service in select Austin, Cincinnati, Dallas and Virginia Beach neighborhoods back in February. Now, it's available in seven cities and will continue to expand to more across the US.

In addition to fresh produce, meat and seafood, you can order (select) alcohol through Prime Now. Take note that you can only put in a request for delivery between 8AM and 10PM, though, so you'll have to go elsewhere for your midnight cravings.