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'Jessica Jones' gets a third season at Netflix

It continues to be one of the service's best-received shows.

Netflix was clearly confident Jessica Jones' second season would be a hit, and it appears that belief was well-founded. The streaming giant has renewed Marvel's jaded investigator-slash-superhero show for a third season just a month after the second string of episodes premiered on March 8th. There's no date or casting details, but it could take a while before the saga continues -- remember, the second season arrived more than two years after the series' November 2015 premiere.

This isn't the first Marvel series on Netflix to get a third season (Daredevil was renewed back in 2016), but it's certainly important for a number of reasons. It suggests that Jessica Jones' frequent focus on weighty social issues, not just fisticuffs, has found a consistent audience. It also shows that Daredevil isn't the only Marvel show on Netflix to have a strong following -- important when Netflix and Marvel are trying to establish a cinematic universe where every series plays a crucial role.