Guinness strips Billy 'King of Kong' Mitchell's world records

Justice is served.

Well, that was fast. When Twin Galaxies announced it'd stripped Billy "King of Kong" Mitchell's high scores from its forums yesterday, the gaming record-keeping outfit said it'd notified Guinness World Records of such. Today, Kotaku reports that Guinness will strip all of Mitchell's forged video game high scores including entries for Donkey Kong, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong Jr. from its ledger as well.

Guinness used Twin Galaxies as its source of verification, according to Kotaku. The outfit said it will begin looking for the deserving record-holder for the now-vacant Pac-Man high score and perfect score in the next few days, because like Twin Galaxies, Guinness no longer trusts anything that Mitchell has submitted in the past. Thankfully, it looks like we can finally put this whole mess behind us.