Use Chevy's in-dash system to pay for your Shell gas

If you have access to GM's on-board Marketplace, that is.

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Mariella Moon
April 18th, 2018

If you have a 2017-or-later Chevrolet with access to GM's on-board marketplace, you might be able pay for gas without having to take out your wallet. The automaker has teamed up with Shell to roll out what it says is the first in-dash fuel payment in the US. If you're fueling up at participating Shell station, simply tap on the brand's icon in Marketplace and choose the station's location to generate a code you can use to activate a pump. It will charge your payment to the method you have on file, and yes, you can still access your loyalty reward perks.

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GM debuted its in-dash marketplace late last year, allowing you to buy coffee and even book restaurant tables and hotels from your car's dashboard. Around 1.9 million vehicles immediately got access to it, but GM plans to make it available to millions more across its brands throughout the year. Shell's in-dash payment itself is only out in select markets for now, but Chevy will roll it out across the country throughout the next few months, as well. It might not be easier than paying with a card, but it could be the first step towards having your car pay for tolls and drive-thru purchases.

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