Ford takes on Uber and Lyft with its own medical transport service

GoRide helps patients get to appointments on time.

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Ford isn't remaining idle while Uber and Lyft start medical transport services. It's launching a GoRide service that offers non-emergency transportation for patients who may have challenges reaching appointments on time. Health care providers can book rides for patients in Transit vans with drivers and equipment that can handle special needs, including wheelchairs.

The initial GoRide fleet serves facilities in Michigan's Beaumont Health network. There's no mention of additional coverage plans so far.

GoRide could be a valuable part of Ford's ever-growing list of mobility services, especially if there's a sharp decline in car ownership. At the same time, it's a not-so-subtle answer to criticisms of equivalent services from Uber and Lyft. Both ridesharing companies have faced multiple lawsuits over complaints they don't properly accommodate passengers with disabilities, whether it's a lack of wheelchair-friendly vehicles or drivers who avoid customers with special requirements. Ford is clearly hoping to win over patients and facilities by developing a service that guarantees this care.

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