Discord comes to Xbox for integrated chats

See what your Discord friends are playing while on Xbox Live.

Discord added an SDK to make it easier for friends to jump into each other's games and even added Spotify integration, but the service has stood on its own as a scrappy alternative to much bigger fish like Xbox Live. Which is what makes the company's new collaboration with Microsoft so interesting: Now you can link your Discord profile to your Xbox account, allowing players on Xbox One and PC to share their activity with friends and join games.

For console owners, Xbox Insiders will be able to link their Discord account to their Xbox Live account first before it rolls out to the greater community soon. Navigate to 'Account Settings' in the service's menu and pick 'Linked social accounts,' where you'll find the option to link to Discord.

PC owners will get to join the fun 'in the coming weeks,' but they'll link up through the Discord app. An Xbox Live option will appear in the Connections tab under User Settings for users to link to their Xbox account. After either method, friends in the same Discord servers will be able to see what you're playing on Xbox Live.