Spotify teams with Discord to soundtrack your gaming chats

It's kind of like Dubtrack or, but for gaming.

Spotify and gaming chat app Discord are joining forces so your entire channel can bump to the same music during a raid. Starting today, you can link your Spotify Premium account to your Discord account and keep the beats rocking for your entire community. "All users are now able to instantly highlight and share their favorite tunes with their friends across Discord," Spotify writes.

More than that, whatever you're currently listening to will be attached to a tag on your profile so you don't have to keep answering the same question over and over again. All told, this sounds a lot like how (RIP) or Dubtrack work. Previously, Spotify replaced Sony's Music Unlimited service on PlayStation, and just last year it was available on Xbox One.

The partnership makes sense too, and it isn't much of a stretch to imagine Twitch streamers or other online communities offering the music feature for their respective subscribers. Regardless, it should make having a listening party with your friends a whole lot easier.