Maybach Ultimate Luxury EV brings its own tea service

The Mercedes concept is for pampered passengers.

If an automaker wants to succeed in China, they need to electrify their cars. The country has strict EV plans and for anyone looking to buy a car in a city like Beijing, going electric means not having to apply for the license lottery to own a car. So it's no wonder that Maybach (the ultra-luxury arm of Mercedes) unveiled a concept crossover built specifically for the country's ultra-rich that's all electric.

The Vision Mercedes-Maybach Ultimate Luxury (yes, that's the name), is a four-wheel drive EV with an emphasis on passenger comfort that comes with its own tea service. The pot, cups and wooden tray are housed in a center console that retracts with a push of the button.

The rest of the interior is equally fancy with ebony wood known as "Magic Wood" used in the tea set and doors. The seats are stitched white leather while there are rose gold and shiny aluminum accents throughout the interior.

The driver--which will more than likely be a chauffeur--will have two 12.3-inch displays to help them navigate the streets of China. The cockpit is minimalistic with all the real emphasis made on making the passengers feel as comfortable as possible.

The crossover will output 750 horsepower from four motors and have a range of over 200 miles. Under all that leather and Magic Wood is an 80kWh battery pack that thanks to CCS DC fast charging that supports 350kW, can suck up 60 miles of range in five minutes.

Since the driver will take care of all of that, the interior of the crossover looks like something you'd never want to leave. Which is great because as soon as you get out of the car you have to look at it. While the front of the vehicle is spectacular, the rear is just odd looking.

The automaker put a trunk on an SUV. It's weird. Mercedes did say the design is based on a luxury sedan and SUV. But if you're the person being pampered in the back seat, you probably don't care because your tea is ready.