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Casio is reportedly done making compact cameras

Nikkei reports the company is backing out of the point-and-shoot market.

Sure, Casio may be known more for remaining committed to digital wristwatches while introducing its own take on the smartwatch fad. But the company has kept a foothold in the compact camera market, producing inexpensive little devices that casual shutterbugs could slip into a pocket. Those days are coming to an end, according to Japanese site Nikkei, which reports that Casio is abandoning the compact digital camera market.

Per the report, Casio cited declining demand for compact cameras as reason to leave the market. The company will remain committed to higher-end cams, but this decision will reduce the company's earnings forecast.

The company produced some oddball cameras in its day, like the 'Kawaii Selfie Mirror Cam' with a front-facing reflective service to, well, improve your selfie game. Its experiments included a detachable action camera and a nine-exposure burst-shot point-and-shoot. But in the end, the rise of smartphones with high-resolution lenses are likely to blame for killing demand for discrete little cameras.