Facebook adds donation matching to its fundraising tools

It’s also getting rid of the platform fee for personal cause fundraisers.

In 2016, Facebook began allowing its users to raise money for 501c3 nonprofits and it expanded that tool last year, giving users the option to create fundraisers for personal needs. Today, the company has announced a few changes to its fundraising platform. First, nonprofit fundraisers will now feature a donation match tool so that the individuals who create the fundraiser can pledge to match donations up to any amount between $5 and $2,500. Currently, this feature is only launching in the US, but it will expand internationally sometime soon.

Secondly, personal cause fundraisers now have more categories. For family categories there are now options like adoption or new baby supplies while faith-focused fundraisers can now be listed under categories such as missions or religious community events. Other new categories include educational trips, travel for medical needs as well as volunteer programs and supplies.

Lastly, Facebook is now removing the platform fee it takes for personal cause fundraisers. At launch, the fee in the US was 6.9 percent plus $0.30, which Facebook said was for payment processing, fundraiser vetting and fraud prevention. Facebook said that there will still be a small fee for payment processing and applicable taxes.