Facebook is adding AR to Messenger for #brands

Nike will drop a shoe through the platform.

Facebook is bringing augmented reality to Messenger. Rather than being a feature you can use when talking to friends though, the first application of the tech is for #brands. Facebook puts it like this: "When a person interacts with your business in Messenger, you can prompt them to open the camera, which will be pre-populated with filters and AR effects that are specific to your brand. This feature leverages the nature of messaging to help people get valuable, instant feedback about purchases, customizations, and more, without ever needing to set foot in a store."

The functionality is in beta for now, but ASUS, Kia, Nike and Sephora have signed on as early partners. As a tech-minded shoe company, Nike's first implementation will be releasing a new pair of sneakers. Naturally. Sephora is doing a virtual try-on for makeup, Kia has a car customizer and ASUS will offer a virtual unboxing for a phone.

If you were hoping for info about Messenger Lite coming to iOS from this post, we're sorry to disappoint you with news that the app is getting even more bloated instead.

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