GoPro makes it easier to share footage as Instagram Stories

It's now much easier to upload footage of your blood-pumping adventures on Instagram.

While you can post GoPro photos and videos as Instagram Stories, the process takes quite a few steps to accomplish and sometimes even requires the use of a third-party app. Well, the action cam-maker worked with Instagram to launch a direct way to share your adventures, like say a diving expedition, a trek up the mountain or an ordinary day at home playing with your dog, through the social network's ephemeral feature. Starting today, you'll see Stories as an option when you share videos and photos from within GoPro's application.

If you're using an iOS device, you don't even need a third-party editing app, because you can simply drag the image or video left or right to crop it down to the perfect size. You can trim a video to show only the part you want to share -- Stories are supposed to be short snippets and not full movies, after all -- within the app, as well. After that, you can post the final product as a Story or send it to friends as a Direct message.

"Some of our best stories happen in places or in moments that you're simply not going to use your smartphone," GoPro chief Nick Woodman said in a statement. "Now that it's easier to share straight to Instagram Stories, we can't wait to see what the GoPro community will post."

We doubt you'll have a hard time following those instructions, but you can check out the video below to see how the new feature works:

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