Lumos bike helmet adds Apple Watch gestures to control turn signals

The update also integrates Lumos with Strava and Apple Health apps.

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It's been almost three years since we first came across the Lumos smart cycling helmet, which got our attention with its cunning automatic brake lights and wirelessly-controlled turn signal indicators. The helmet has since been shipping as of late 2016, but the Hong Kong startup didn't stop there. Today -- which happens to be the first day of Bike Month -- Lumos is releasing an update that adds gesture control for the helmet's blinkers via Apple Watch, along with Apple HealthKit integration for automatic cycling tracking.

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To enable gesture control, the user simply has to install the iOS and watchOS apps, pair the iPhone with the helmet over Bluetooth, calibrate the watch with your left- and right-turn gestures using your watch-wielding hand, then you're good to go. The turn indicators will continue to blink until you shake your hand. All of these actions should be much more intuitive -- or at least easier to access -- than the original wireless remote control.

As part of the update, the Lumos helmet can also be integrated with Strava and Apple Health apps, which enables automatic cycling tracking in iOS. For those who want to check out this $180 helmet in person, you'll soon be able to see it at one of the 300 Apple Stores across the US and Europe, or you can simply order online.

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