Oculus Rooms gets Hasbro games and a major redesign

And Oculus gives us more details about Venues.

Alongside the Go's launch today, Oculus also announced an updated version of Rooms, its app for hanging out with friends in VR. The new app sports a swankier design, and it also features Hasbro board games, which will really make it feel like you're relaxing in your living room. Boggle will be available this month, and Oculus says Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit will arrive in the future. As for other new features, you'll be able to customize your rooms environment, and you'll also have higher-quality avatars to customize.

With the previous version of Rooms, it was as if Oculus was just dabbling in the social VR space. But this update seems a lot more useful. For example, you'll also be able to sit on a couch and watch movies from the Oculus Store. The company is also working on integrating Netflix and other streaming apps. The best part? You can keep the video on in the background while you play boardgames with your friends in another corner of your virtual living room.

Additionally, Oculus offered a few more details about its Venues app, where you can sit and enjoy concerts, sports or just about any live performance in VR. It's kicking off with Major League Baseball games, Vance Joy and School Night at the Bardot concerts, as well as shows from the Gotham Comedy Club. There's no update on when these events will happen, but Oculus says it'll have a performance schedule soon. At first, Venues will target the Go and Gear VR -- Oculus hasn't said anything about Rift availability yet.