HBO renews 'Westworld' for a third season

Robotic life will go on for the Emmy-winning HBO drama.

Less than two weeks after second season premiered, HBO has confirmed Westworld will return for a third go-round. The sci-fi drama, which centers around a theme park filled with humanoid robots, has proven a hit for HBO, so it's hardly a surprise the network is saddling up for season three. It's not clear when the third season will hit screens, but given season two is just a couple of episodes in following a 16-month hiatus, it might be some time before it airs.

Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan took a slightly different approach to marketing the second season, after releasing a video promising to reveal its secrets before the first episode had aired. Given Nolan's track record, though, we bet he has a few more tricks up his sleeve to keep those fan theories bubbling away. The renewal follows HBO confirming Silicon Valley will return for a sixth season.