ESPN brings a curated daily version of SportsCenter to its app

This is on top of its new Twitter shows.

ESPN isn't just bringing versions of SportsCenter to social networks like Snapchat and Twitter. The network is launching a daily edition of SportsCenter within the ESPN App. Anchors like Scott Van Pelt will host a "curation" of top sporting news, such as highlights from last night's games or things to expect from upcoming matches. It'll certainly be hard to miss -- the show will "feature prominently" on the app's home screen in the morning whenever you open it for the first time that day.

As with the social network shows, ESPN is ultimately trying to reach viewers who primarily or exclusively watch online. It's not just an upsell to services like ESPN+ -- it gives you a reason to keep coming back to ESPN's own offerings instead of drifting to other internet sources. ESPN's brand is still strongest on conventional TV, and it knows that it needs digital-friendly shows like this if it's going to reach cord cutters.