The first standalone Google Daydream VR headset is now available

Lenovo's $400 Mirage Solo and the VR180 camera are ready for action.

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The Lenovo Mirage Solo is the first standalone VR headset that runs Google's Daydream. Now, Google has announced that the headset, along with the Mirage camera, are available for purchase today. These devices work both separately and together. The headset is priced at $400, while the camera is $300.

There are over 350 games, apps and experiences in the Daydream VR library that users can take advantage of. Additionally, the Lenovo Mirage Solo is equipped with WorldSense, which allows for high-quality positional tracking on mobile devices. And with the Lenovo Mirage camera (VR180), you can capture VR content with the ease of a point and shoot camera.

Engadget Editor Chris Velazco tried out the Mirage Solo and was impressed with how comfortable it is. It's a middle ground between headsets aimed at newcomers and VR diehards: "the Mirage Solo feels like an option for a very specific kind of VR fan: someone who values flexibility but doesn't want to compromise on power too much." You can see Chris's full review of the Lenovo Mirage Solo here.

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