'Google AI' is the new home of Google's research and AI divisions

All its state-of-the-art research now lives under a straightforward name.

Google Research is no more. The tech titan has combined all of its Google Research projects and artificial intelligence efforts under one umbrella simply called "Google AI." Mountain View says it unified "all the state-of-the-art research happening across Google" under one straightforward name because its work in AI has been core to the development of all the machine learning techniques it's implementing in its products and platforms. The company has conducted tons of AI research and development over the years, including a recent one in which it launched websites where you can talk to books and play word-association Tetris.

As part of the new branding, Google has renamed all its Research channels and blogs into "Google AI," and you can now find info on all its AI work on the new division's website. It has renamed all of its social media channels, including its Twitter and Google+ pages as well. Unfortunately, that's all Google has revealed in its announcement -- we've got a feeling we'll hear more at the Google I/O conference later today.

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