Eero lets you test new Mesh WiFi features in its app

Band steering and DNS caching will arrive soon.

Eero really upped the ante with its debut WiFi system. Its mesh network promised to blanket your home in coverage and get rid of dead spots once and for all, so it wasn't a surprise that the company soon saw competition from the likes of Google and Linksys. Now, in a bid to continue setting itself apart from the masses (and avoid future layoffs), it's launched Eero Labs, an "innovation playground" for your Eero network. Through Labs you'll be able to tinker with all the features the company is testing -- they're disabled by default, just toggle them on or off through the Eero Labs menu in the app.

First up is Smart Queue Management (SQM), which allows your network to distribute device load fairly and evenly across available bandwidth, unlike typical Quality of Service (QoS) features which gives specific devices priority over others. So in theory, SQM means you'll be able to back up large amounts of data while streaming 4K content and playing video games, with fewer hiccups. SQM launches with Eero Labs and is currently the only feature available in the "innovation playground", but the company says that it's got a load of new options coming soon, including band steering and DNS Caching. They'll be available automatically via Eero's much-lauded over-the-air updates.