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Get ready for ads in Facebook Stories

It's time to monetize.

While Facebook's version of Stories have taken a while to gain traction, the format isn't going anywhere soon. Apparently, Facebook has enough users (some 150 million daily active users) now to start testing ads within Stories, according to TechCrunch.

Users in the US, Mexico and Brazil can expect to see these five to 15 second skippable videos, TechCrunch said. While they aren't yet clickable, Facebook will likely add that feature soon. Advertisers can move their ads over from Instagram Stories easily, or simply repurpose New Feed ads with new colors and copy. TechCrunch also reported that businesses will be able to access more metrics about their Story ad performance. With Stories about to surpass News Feed postings, this new move comes just in time for the Facebook as it competes with Snapchat for eyeballs and ad dollars.