AT&T's Dash-like smart button doesn't need WiFi

It's also not pre-programmed like Amazon's one-click device.

AT&T has launched a new product called LTE-M button, which allows users to place an order online in one click. Yes, it sounds just like Amazon Dash -- in fact, it's powered by Amazon Web Services -- but since it's connected to AT&T's LTE-M network, it doesn't need a WiFi connection to work. AT&T's button was also designed more for businesses than homes and individuals. It's not pre-programmed like Amazon's Dash buttons are, and companies can program it to accomplish tasks that fit their needs.

They can use it to place orders for tools or supplies even from a job site, for instance, or attach it to trash cans, so they can trigger automatic alerts when it's time for a pickup. Seniors can also use it to ask for help or order medication. As you might have guessed, AT&T's LTE-enabled button costs a lot more than the Amazon Dash, which goes for just a few bucks. The carrier will sell the first 5,000 pieces for $30, after which the price goes up by $5. Its LTE-M connection is also only free for three years or for 1,500 clicks, whichever comes first. But unless you love to program gadgets and would love to tinker with AT&T's new one-click device, those sound like problems only businesses have to worry about.